Pay Assessments

How do I pay my community association assessments?
Below are the various options to pay your assessments. Whichever method you choose, please be certain to include your new account number to ensure the proper application of your payment. This six-digit account number can be found on your first paper statement. Should you have questions about your account or our payment options please be encouraged to contact CCMC’s Customer Service Support Team at 1-833-301-4538.
Note: you only have to complete payment through one of these payment methods.
A. Direct Debit / ACH Payments
This is CCMC's recommended payment option and is listed on the New Resident Checklist. This is the only method that automatically updates when there's changes in assessment amounts. Sign up to have your assessment payment automatically drafted from your bank account the month your payment is due. Enrollment can be completed through your online web portal access. Your username is the six-digit account number on your first paper statement. Withdrawals occur on the sixth of the month or the next business day following the sixth.
Payment Portal Button
B. Electronic Checks and Credit Card Payments
In order to use either of these two services, please visit our website at and select Homeowners > Payment Options > Texas. From there, you will be linked to the Pacific Western processing service center. While there is a $14.95 processing fee per credit card transaction, there is no charge for electronic check transactions. American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa are accepted.
Please note: Recurring payments with Pacific Western are not associated with CCMC; Pacific Western is a third-party banking service and CCMC does not hold any rights to adjust your account details. If you establish recurring payments with Pacific Western and your assessment amount changes, it will be necessary to update your payment information with Pacific Western directly. To comply with privacy laws, we do not share personal information nor does CCMC have access to adjust your recurring payment profile.
C. Mail
When paying by mail, make sure to include your account number on your check and send it with your statement stub to:
CCMC-Central Division
P.O. Box 533182
Atlanta, GA 30353-3182

What are assessments?

To accomplish the many tasks for which it is responsible, the Association must have operating funds for daily maintenance, repairs and administration, as well as adequate replacement reserve funds for major repairs or replacements for common property. In order to obtain these funds, all members within your community are required to pay assessments to the association. The Board of Directors will establish assessment rates each year and adopt the annual budget for your community.

What is my assessment fee?

Your Painted Tree Residential Community Association fees are billed quarterly. Your assessment amounts will be reflected on your first statement. You can also call the Association office for assistance. Residents who live in service areas, such as the Townhomes or Landscape included, pay an additional fee for maintenance. While we work hard to contain expenses, periodic increases in your assessment may occur to cover the rising costs of operations and maintenance of your community.

When are assessments due?

Your first assessments were covered in your closing documents. Please check those documents to confirm how much was paid up front at closing. After this, assessments will be due on a quarterly basis at the first of the respective month moving forward - January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. You will receive statements for your assessments in the month before they are due.
Keeping in mind that assessments are the primary source of income for community associations, we encourage all members to pay them in a timely manner. Members who do not pay their assessments on time may be subject to various monetary penalties and usage restrictions. While this may seem extreme, please remember that your association can operate only if all members pay their assessments when due. That will allow your association to properly administer and maintain your community.

Can I get my statements delivered via email?

Your statements can be conveniently delivered to your email address to make keeping track of your assessments easier. You can opt-in here:

What do my assessments cover?

Your Association's assessments cover the maintenance of all the landscaping for the common areas at Painted Tree. This includes maintenance, operations, and supplies for all of the amenities, parks, trails, playgrounds, and more. This fee also covers all common area electricity, water, sewer and irrigation, trash/recycling services, insurance, legal and all administrative fees, all activities, supplies, management fees and staffing, as well as reserve funding deposits as recommended by a reserve fund analysis.
The master assessments does not cover front yard maintenance for any residence. Special service areas will incur an additional assessment for front yard maintenance, which would have been listed in your closing documents and on your statements.

I just closed on my home. How do I pay the next quarter's assessments?

Your closing documents should indicate how much you pre-paid for assessments. Due to the time it takes for your paperwork to go from title to our accounting team and reflect on your account, your title company should be prompted to collect prepayment to allow for this delay. If at any time you'd like to confirm how much credit you have on your account, you can check your VMS Resident Portal account (linked here) or contact your Team.