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Community Partnerships and Sponsorships
The Painted Tree resident engagement program looks to engage the residents of the community with local vendors, organizations, and artists both onsite and offsite. Whether you're established in the community and look to connect with the residents moving to the area or you're new and want to increase your name recognition to the McKinney area, we can find a way to partner together.
Painted Tree will consist of over 3,400 homes at build out with a dedicated onsite staff member coordinate a lifestyle program to engage the residents. The Board of Directors have prioritized outdoor events and activities with their master plan. The Association also owns an RV trailer that has been outfitted as a vendor/food truck for community partners to use during events. With the community welcoming our first residents in 2023, we look to start building these relationships as the community grows. At this time, we have the following opportunities:
  • New Resident Welcome Bags
    • Flyers and discounts for local organizations 
  • Small-Scale Events
    • Off-site events
    • Onsite food and beverage catering
    • Onsite performances by local artists
For more information, you can contact us on the form linked here or email us at