Architectural Modifications

Architectural Control Committee
Now that you've moved into your house in Painted Tree, you might be looking for ways to personalize it to make it feel like home both inside and outside. The good news is that the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) has been established to review the exterior modification requests for the community. All exterior improvements or changes to your home or lot must have approval by the ACC prior to any work starting. The ACC is comprised of three volunteers from the Declarant, Oxland Group.
ACC Application
You will need to complete an ACC application to receive approval prior to starting any projects that modify the exterior of your home. Make sure to read the Architectural Guidelines to understand any limitations relative to your project. The application will be completed with the form linked below.
Before starting your application, gather the following materials:
  • A plot map marked with the requested change
  • A current photo of the requested location (i.e. backyard)
  • A sample photo of the request (i.e. landscape borders)
Once you receive the letter stating “Request Approved!” you may begin making changes.  Any changes made without review and approval from the design review committee may result in a violation notice.
You may be surprised to learn that almost any exterior changes you want to make to your home and property does require ACC review. This process ensures that Painted Tree remains a beautiful and desirable master-planned community. The following are the most popular submission requests:
  • Exterior paint (even if you are keeping the same paint scheme on your home)
  • Security/screen doors
  • Gates
  • Landscape installations (front and rear)
    • All front yard changes must be reviewed
    • Backyard changes require review/approval if the property has a view fence
  • Pools
  • Pergolas and shade sails
If you have any questions regrading a specific guidelines, you can reach out to the Association team at

Application Progress

After you submit your application and SmartWebs processes it, you will receive an automated letter. This will contain a link that connects you to the project application summary page. From here, you can view the status of your request as well as add additional documents or make comments as necessary. The ACC has up to (30) days to provide a decision to an application.

Appealing a Decision

If a disapproval was received from the ACC, resident have the right to a formal appeal the decision to the Painted Tree Residential Community Association Board of Directors, if the Board is not serving as the ACC. If applicable, the appeal process can be found in the Architecture Guidelines.